The Sornam Group of companies (SGC) has been one of the pioneer Gold merchant in Sri Lanka for the last 40 years in the gold business. Sornam groups’ primary business line is producing and selling high quality designer jewellery and 999 gold bullion. The Sornam Group has branched out covering most areas of Sri Lanka with nine retail outlets and two factories. Our head office, situated in Colombo centrally manages all entities in the Group. Having such a network SGC has a very large customer base, which could be segregated into mainly retail the bullion sales point are located at Colombo which is adjoined with the factory while the Retail outlets are situated in areas such as Kalmunai, Batticaloa, Negombo and Colombo.

Sornam Group offers a wide range of products, naming a few such chains, bangles, necklaces, pendants, earnings, gypsies, rings, TT bar and etc. All products are produced in various weights and sizes to meet customer requirements. Our factory is directly involved in producing finished products. The bullion unit is responsible for purchasing scarp old gold jewelry and producing 999 TT bars which can be used for investment purposes and jewelry manufacturing.

Sornam Group initiated at Kalmunai (Eastern Province) with an ambition of capturing the gold purchasing customer based which prevailed in the mid 70s. Mr. M. Visvanathan, chairman of the group started off as a local jewelry craftsman. He was a skilled person by birth as he started off crafting toys with his father at the age of 10. He gradually developed his skills and acquired the art of manufacturing jewelry. He acquired this very first showroom in 1975 and converted himself from a craft man to an entrepreneur. Since then we have not only been able to build our customer base at Kalmunai but further stretched ourselves into Batticaloa (Eastern Province) as well. Sornam Group has currently three retails outlets in Kalmunai which has customer base of more than 3000 customers. The expansion in Batticaloa further assisted Sornam in building a larger customer base. All businesses in the Eastern province are proprietorship entities. After establishing the position as the leading gold merchants in the eastern province of Sri Lanka Sornam Group moved to Colombo to cater to a very different market segment in the early 90s. We started off at Sea Street, Pettah the heart of Colombo (Western Province), by acquiring New Rathnamahal Jewelers Pvt Ltd which was a well-established name in the Jewelry market in Colombo. Sornam branched out to Negombo later in 1998. Mr. Visvanathan acquired New Saravanas Jewellers pvt Ltd as well in 1998 which is now claimed as one of the largest showrooms in Sea Street.

Once Sornam Group established its name in the list of leading retail Jewelry outlets we decided to start manufacture our own designs and sell jewelry in bulk to other retail outlets in order to increase are turnover and profitability.

The most recent achievement was SBU- gold bullion centre which has now made Sornam the only 999 gold bar manufacturer in the Island. With the help of modern machinery and a highly skilled labor force Sornam is able to provide 999 gold bars which can be used for manufacturing and investment purposes. The current demand for the gold bars in Sri Lanka is immense and one day SBU will be fulfilling the demand with a powerful supply chain. The gold bullion unit was established in September 2010 with a renovation and branding done for New Saravanas Jewellers. New Saravanas Jewellers can be compared to international brand names with its outlook and product portfolio.

All outlets and factory is integrated in a manner to achieve maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness. Although Sornam has expanded from the eastern end to the western end of Sri Lanka we have been able to meet customer requirements on time at any given location. This has enabled us achieve reputation for the leader in retail Jewellery sales in eastern province of Sri Lanka.

Latest Technology

Sornam’s jewellry factory consists of the latest technology to produce chains as well as craftsman from India to produce innovative designs. Most of the machines available are made in Italy and cater to the production of various designs. Sornam also purchases jewelry from external local craftsman for further diversification of jewelry design category. The factory also caters custom made designs as per customer desires. The factory has been setup under ISO standards. Sornam Groups’ retail outlets in the Eastern province provide additional services such as pawing and Western Union money transfer. Pawning interest rates are offered at a very nominal rate which is equivalent to the market rates currently prevailing. Western Union money transfer has earned Sornam a reputed name among customers for money transfer around the world.

Sornam Group has a strong workforce which consists of almost 200 employees. All employees are of high skills which have led to Sornam Groups’ compatibility in the local jewelry market. The labor force consists of employees with from diverse backgrounds and from various locations. All employees are highly skilled and are provided with on the job training in order to increase our turnover and adapt to groups requirements.

Community Projects

Sornam is also proud to say that all its directors have got together and constructed a Hindu temple in Kalmunai. The temple also has an extension which provides residential facilities and care for elders and devotees. A significant amount of funds are consistently allocated for such projects to develop the society in Kalmunai.